Shopping in Gijón


Los Fresnos Shopping Center

Located in the Llano neighborhood, Los Fresnos has 4 plants where you can find chain stores such as Zara or Mango, plus some small local shops and a Carrefour hypermarket. There are also several cafes and an upper floor with fast food restaurants.

Direction: Rio de Oro Street
Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a 21:00
Phone: 985 142 044

San Agustín Shopping Center

Located in the heart of Gijón, very close to San Lorenzo beach. Contains 4 plants for shops of all kinds including a cinema. The parking area is underground and open 24 hours.

Direction: Romualdo Alvargonzalez Street
Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a 22:00
Phone: 985 170 307


Gijón trail

The Gijón trail is undoubtedly the largest and busiest street market in the Principle. You can find a wide variety of products from books to vintage collections or even fruits and vegetables. Quite a fix if you are looking for low-cost gadgets.

Direction: El Molinón
Schedule: Sundays of 9:00 a 15:00 – Line 4 of bus

Gijón Artisan and Ecological Market

The artisan market takes place in the Plaza Mayor of Gijón on the second weekends of each month (IMPORTANT). We will find numerous stalls with picturesque objects and many of the most indigenous flavors of Asturias. In crafts you can find items made even of bamboo, cristal, airbrushing and much more.

Direction: Main Square