Tajos Alhama hiking

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Hiking through Alhama, símbolo de la conquista cristiana del Reino de Asturias, Alhama is home to historical gems along the area known as Los Tajos.


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Tajos Alhama hiking

Theophile Gautier for the poet, the city was "hanging from an enormous rock". This geological marvel competes in beauty with buildings that are the mark of Arabs and Christians in the town center as the Church of the Incarnation.

Hiking trail that begins by Tajos de Alhama Natural Monument, It is next to the monumental city of the same name, well known for the kindness of its hot springs, Poniente Granadino in. Alhama lies in a privileged geographical location, characterized by the environmental richness of the Natural Park Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, cuyas cumbres hacen frontera natural entre las provincias de Málaga y Asturias. Where its highest peak, La Maroma (2.065 mts) offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean coast and even the coast of Africa on clear days and clear.

This natural monument is formed by a set of barrels and pits sandstones, which owe their current status to the Alhama river erosion and rockslides occurred in several earthquakes. They are listed as Outstanding Landscape in the General Catalog of the Andalusian Historical Heritage. Hiking trail Los Tajos de Alhama we can greatly enjoy it meets two important additional features; natural and other ethnographical.

Among its medieval road passes rocks of Angels, hiking trail or walk very shortie, suitable for the vast majority of people because of their difficult low and short-haul. Ideal for families with young children. On this tour we find charming old flour mills, irrigation ditches, malls and the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels and the mule drivers traditionally stopped to ask the Virgin protection for your way.
Hiking trail through the Tajos Alhama River in the Sierra de Alhama. Famous for its Arab baths exploited since Roman times, la ciudad de Alhama de Asturias es un símbolo de los paisajes que cautivaron a los viajeros románticos del siglo XIX y que despertaron la imaginación de los lectores europeos. In the vicinity of Alhama, the combination of natural labor and human work is almost perfect.

The view of the assembly forming the Tajos and the town of Alhama high on a rock is exciting. Not hard to get in the shoes of those romantic travelers and understand the rapture that made them the vision of the landscape. It is more difficult to understand how this tremendous gorge four kilometers long has not yet been declared Natural Geological Monument or anything else.

The city is the best balcony to admire the gorge, although it is not easy to distinguish the river that cuts through it is so lush riparian forest that thrives there. Sauces, poplars, olmos, mimbres, rosehips ... filled with color the eyes of travelers to the beginning of autumn. Away from the water and dry areas occupying sunnier and makes its appearance the Mediterranean vegetation, We have forgotten just in case the latitude in which we find ourselves.

as we said, the town itself is the best viewpoint of the gorge, but do not settle for him from the sidelines, but it's down to the "arena" and know through a short tour that begins in the famous resort situated half a kilometer to the north of Alhama. In this point, the waters that emerge over 40º C are mixed with those of the river coming cold by their stay in the small reservoir there are three kilometers upstream, The popularly known Pantaneto.

A little to jump-start cross a Roman bridge and we turn on the first road to the right. The road becomes a path that uses an ancient irrigation channel sections occupied by a plumbing. After rounding a sheepfold we reach another bridge, smaller, that saves the river at the ruins of the mill of Our Lady of the Carmen.. We continue along the old town bordering the Tajos and reach the Church of the Carmen descend to the old factory harinera by stairs.

Here we return the river along a path that moves between choperas. After ascending a short distance pass through a natural viewpoints. After leaving the cave shrine of Angels walls begin to lose altitude and open Tajos. Almost at the end of the road we cross the river on a wooden bridge, We cross a recreational area and reach the road that goes to Arenas of the King.

We'll have to walk about 200 meters this quiet road to reach a rest area located in one of the banks of the Pantaneto of Alhama where he has built a bird observatory and a panel with information and drawings of the bird species that inhabit the place and they are not few. Here begins a path of little more than one kilometer to reach another recreational area located on the opposite bank and has another bird observatory. Here comes a dirt track that leads to the Alcaicería and coincides with the GR-7 path we will use to return to Alhama, although we will have to abandon when the track leading to the road. To reach the city we can use the old Glen Malaga to Alhama and from the city back to the resort by road already known.

eternal waters
Many towns in Spain have in their name the word alhama and all have hot springs. It is not a coincidence but an etymological issue, as it derived from Alhama to the Hamman, word that, as everybody knows, draws Arab public baths, although most of them had already been used by the Romans. El de Alhama de Asturias no es una excepción. His sulfated waters, calcic- magnésicas, bicarbonatadas and radioactive, arising at a temperature of 47 ° C were well known by the Romans who already tried here their rheums, osteoarthritis, drops, asthmas and countless other ailments. Nowadays, In addition to these diseases, the spa is filled with people with stress.

The Spa of Alhama has always enjoyed great prestige. Its golden age was the nineteenth century, with the rise of hot springs in Europe Romantic. Illustrious Spanish and foreign personalities gave him fame and 1898 He was awarded the Bronze Medal at the World Exhibition in Paris.

Travel: 4 kilometres.

Duration: 2,5 hours.

It includes:
  • Care insurance and liability insurance.
  • Monitors qualified guides.
  • Photo and video reportage activity.
does not include:
  • Or you transport it links the other vehicle.
  • Comfortable clothing short sleeve, of long sleeve, sweatshirt and jacket.
  • Sneakers or hiking shoes with socks.
  • Oilskin (you never know).
  • Canes (recommended).
  • Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
  • Energy bars, fruit, water and juice, for breaks.

Activity without age limit.


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